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Sunday, February 23, 2014



After collecting some pieces of beaver wood that washed up on the atlantic coast in Maine, I looked at them for years....not wanting to forget them yet not knowing how to use them. Then I was playing one day and I set one on a plain piece of wood!.

I looked in the Native American Medicine Cards book for the essence of the beaver: BUILDER --- Beaver is the doer in the animal kingdom. Beaver energy is akin to water and earth energy, and incorporates a strong sense of family and home.

Winter is the perfect time to do encaustic painting....the warmth and smell of melted beeswax....actually I do it in the other seasons because the windows can be open and there is no worry of fumes.

                                                               beaver 10 (w/star stamp) // 4"x24"x4" // 2016 // $180

beaver 9 (umber green on green base) // 4.5x9.5x4" // 2013 // $100

beaver 8 (umber green on green base) // 6x23x3.5" // 2013 // $150

beaver 7 (umber green on green base) // 7"x33"x3.5" // 2013 // $200

beaver 6 (natural on natural base) // 2012 // 5.5x12.5x4" // $150

                                                         beaver 4 (white on natural base) // 4.5x24"x4" // 2012 // $175

beaver 3 (builder w/blue) // 2012 // 7x25x4  // $200

beaver 2 (bronze on white base) // 4"x32"x3" // 2012 // $180

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